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French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is compact, sturdy, and heavily boned. He is short and cobby , with a small to medium build. The height at the withers, should be approximately the same as the length from withers to tail-set. Massive chest, with tapering hindquarters. French Bulldogs have large, rounded bat-like ears, square flat heads with a slightly domed forehead, large rounded eyes, and flat muzzle. French Bulldogs are a smooth coated breed. The French Bulldog has the appearance of an intelligent, alert, active and curious nature. Frenchies are hardy and robust little busy-bodies. The French Bulldog can have a corkscrew tail or a straight tail. Although bred as a companion , they can also make a good watchdog, and will sound off at any potential sign of danger to their families.


The French Bulldog is an extreme lover. He is affectionate, playful and demanding of attention, from all that he comes into contact with. He does not do well left alone in a backyard. A Frenchie needs the constant companionship of his family. He makes an excellent companion for children, although very small children may not tolerate his over enthusiastic nature. He generally gets along well with other animals, as long as they are of as playful a nature as he is. They are generally not given to excessive barking. They will protect their homes and alert owners to intruders as well as when people are at the door. They do not sound vicious, but do have a deep bark. Most Frenchies tend to sit back and let others make a commotion. They are often referred to as “little clowns,” and a more fitting description could not be found. The Frenchie is at his utmost content when he is being showered with affection. he will return the favor to his utmost capabilities. He is a true lapdog, an extreme lover, a bodyguard, a playful companion, and a true “best friend”.

10-12 years

3-5 puppies



Brindle, Brindle and White, Fawn and White, and any color except solid Black, Mouse, Liver, Black and Tan , Black and White, and White with Black ( without a trace of Brindling )



Lite Shed

19-22 (9-10kg.)

22-28 pounds (10-13kg.).

19-22 (9-10kg.)

22-28 pounds (10-13kg.).

French Bulldogs do best as an indoor dog. Frenchies tend to overheat easily, and do not fair well in cold weather.


French Bulldogs can be stubborn and hard headed. They are not easy to train, and have a hard time learning to act on command. You must be more stubborn than your Frenchie ! Some people suggest crate training as the best source of getting the lesson learned. You can expect four or more months of consistent crate training. Frenchies do not like to take orders. They have a hard time adhering to the task at hand and are easily distracted. Owners of this little bully breed , should have a strong will and an endless supply of patience. Learning to obey basic commands is something that must be taught with this breed. Puppy classes are a good way to socialize Your puppy as well as learning the basic social skills needed in developing a good relationship with your French Bulldog. A Frenchie with bad manners, does not make for a pleasant companion. Males should be neutered if they will not be bred. This helps with the task of housebreaking. They need to learn that it is not acceptable behavior to jump on houseguests, Inspect the contents of the trash can, or use the dirty laundry as they do their chew toys. Teaching them at an early age will have far greater results and can make living with your Frenchie a pleasant and rewarding experience. There happy go lucky personality is a plus for training.